Symposia Twin Peaka

[No significant spoilers in this post. Everything shown or discussed was done before anyone knew who killed Laura Palmer.]

Last fall a few of us postgrads living in Deans Court decided to watch David Lynch’s groundbreaking 90’s TV drama Twin Peaks. Only one of our cohort had seen it and that had been twenty years ago when it aired. While I’d never watched the series, I had been exposed to all the Twin Peaks homages, parodies, and T-shirts which read “I Killed Laura Palmer” during its popularity. It was time to see what all the fuss was about.

Turns out the fuss was about HOW FREAKING BRILLIANT IT IS.
It is its own genre.

When we finished Season One last December surrounded by donuts and cherry pies, someone jokingly suggested that before we started Season Two when everyone came back the break, we should present 500-word statements on ‘Who Killed Laura Palmer.” Before long, that suggestion turned into a full-on Symposium (if you define Symposium as ‘people doing powerpoint presentations, which I do). So to kick off our Season Two weekly viewing, we offered one another our theories. Also, Jerry, the only one of us who already knew the culprit, curated an art exhibit of works inspired by Twin Peaks. Creativity was encouraged in method of presentation, and we were not dissapointed. (Though we’re still waiting to see the interpretive dance that was promised).

The theories were varied, intelligent, and overall, no more ridiculous than directions the show actually went.

Though we’ve now finished our Twin Peaks journey, deciding ahead of time that we’d only follow the Laura Palmer story arc (up to Season 2, ep. 9, which essentially coincides with David Lynch’s primary involvement with the show), we’ll always have Symposia Twin Peaka.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s some slides from my powerpoint and the text from one of our presenters.

Ben’s presentation:

An interim police report penned by Special Agent Dale Cooper shortly before he was shot in the Great Northern hotel.

By now you will have received several of the audio tapes I have sent you regarding my thoughts on the murder of Laura Palmer, and I have no doubt that a

sensible woman such as yourself will feel no surprise to hear my inevitable conclusion: the cherry pie from the Double R Diner (a slice of which is enclosed with this report) is the best pie I have ever had the pleasure to sample.

It was in one of my dreams of this pie, which even I admit took a hard left, that the name of Laura’s killer came to me.

It has in fact come as a surprise to me that I have dreamt at all given the amount of coffee I have consumed… Mark my words Diane, the coffee up here is spectacular! If there ever becomes such thing as a truly international coffee conglomerate, with a shop on every corner of every street in all the world, it will originate from north west of the US of A. The local café have even named one of their coffees after me; the ‘Short black, extra shot, extra hot, no whip, venti Cooper Americano’, and they insist on writing my name on the side of the cup every time!

Anyway, Diane, I digress. It has become apparent to me, through the use of deductive powers known only by the most disciplined Tibetan monks, that the man responsible for the murder of Laura Palmer is none other than Benjamin Horne, the owner of the hotel in which, even now, I reside.

Oh by the way I have a feeling that not everyone in this glorious town appreciates my presence here. Diane, should there be an attempt on my life it will probably be…oh wait hold on, there is a knock at the door, I’ll get back to you on that.”

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