Sounds of Synethesia: The Nostalgic Season

The start of Fall marks a full year of chronicling my ever-intensifying method of seasonalizing my music by color and feel [Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer]. The only season missing is Christmas (coming in December) which won’t be quite so synesthetic, as most Christmas music sounds red, green and white to everyone, but I’ll post it anyway.

Fall is the season I first began to notice the rhythm of types I music I chose, as well as the evocative colors that helped me choose. I’ve also learned over the years that Fall is when I listen to a lot of historical and global folk music. I get nostalgic about American history, and that “back to school” feeling as well, which I think in large part explains the FIVE Harry Potter albums in the mix. (Also, perhaps that I’m re-reading the books). And NOTHING is more nostalgic to me in the world than George Winston’s album “Autumn.” But perhaps most notable in Fall, is nostalgia for the 1990’s. For some reason, most 90’s rock sounds yellowish-brown to me (no piss assocaitions that I know of…). So this year, I welcome Nirvana into my “Gold Leaf Radio” Playlist. And new to “Autumn Hearth” this year, Chet Baker, Bach’s Brandenburg Concerti, and many more. Oh, and for those wondering, the two playlist are each over 24 hours long and always on shuffle. That’s how I roll.

You know you’re in The Cottage if you can smell Yankee Candle Harvest & Apple Cider and can hear:

George Winston: Autumn

Neil Young: After the Goldrush, Live at Massey Hall

Nirvana: Nevermind

Johnny Cash: At Folsom Prison, American Man IV

Bach: Brandenburg Concertos

Dave Brubeck Quartet: Time Out

Chet Baker: In Paris, Best of Chet baker Sings

Floyd Collins: Original Off-Broadway Sountrack

Erik Friedlander: Block Ice & Propane

Miles Davis: Kind of Blue, Sketches of Spain

Dixie Chicks: Home

Dolly Parton: The Grass is Blue, Little Sparrow, Trio, Trio II

Harry Chapin: Greatest Stories Live

Zabe I Babe: Drumovi

Ralph Stanley& Kim Lauderdale: Sweethearts, Lost in the Lonesome Pines

Everything is Illuminated: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Joshua Bell: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

Songs of the Civil War: Various Artists

Water: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Handel: Concerti Grossi & Water Music

Evan & Guy Carawan: Appalachian & Irish Tunes on Hammer Dulcimer

Yo-Yo Ma: Simply Baroque

Mozart: Marriage of Figaro, Serenades & Divertimenti

Kitka: Voices on the Eastern Wind

Alison Kraus: Lonely Runs Both Ways

Counting Crows: Augustu and Everything After

Csokolom: Dog Daze, May I Kiss Your Hand

Harry Potter Original Film Soundtracks: Prisoner of Azkaban, Order of the Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince, Death Hallows Part 1, and City of Prague Philharmonic’s Essential Harry Potter Film Music Collection

With Tracks by: Tom Waits, Fela Kuti, Blind Melon, The Cranberries, Gillian Welch, Lisa Ekdahl, Old Crow Medicine Show, Fleetwood Mac, James Taylor, and the Jesus Christ Superstar Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

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